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White Oak Bookshelf



One of the struggles of living in NYC, especially when young in your career, is that space is limited.  Rooms play many roles: "This is my bedroom/library/den/office/kitchen/bathroom. And here's my closet"  As a builder in NYC, this presents a fun challenge of building pieces that fit, enhance and maybe take some of the sting out of such situations while also being versatile enough to fit into future living situations.  This bookshelf is a good example of one such piece, as it was designed to fit exactly on a metal filing cabinet, but you can imagine it in a future library surrounded by other, similar pieces.  

Another cool feature of this bookshelf is that it is left completely unfinished.  The client did not want any chemicals on the wood, and leaving it natural also makes it more versatile for other living situations.  Over time, the tannins in the white oak will react with the environment and its color will deepen into that beautiful tan/brown so characteristic of white oak.  I look forward to seeing this process. 

The burl (irregular grained wood that is really beautiful) in this piece was selected to match the client's curly hair.  

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