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Watertower Scrap Desk


Made of the scrap patina of the lumber for the picnic table, this colorful, rustic desk now resides in my room.  I was without any of my own work, so I spent some time making this little desk for myself, as there is a trend amongst craftspeople that I'm trying not to be a part of.  The Romanian carpenter who I worked under referred to himslef as a "shoeless cobbler."  With almost 40 years of woodworking experience, one would expect his home to be full of beautiful creations, slowly built by him over the years, not according to shop drawings, but just as he pleased.  However, this isn't the case, and he said his home does not have anything he built, except maybe a cutting board or two.  Having spoken with other craftspeople, he is not alone.  I can think of a few reasons for this trend, and I'll spend more time pondering it.  But for the time being, I wanted to build myself a little thing of wood that I think is beautiful.   

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This reminds me of chefs with empty fridges, who only eat avocados and popcorn for dinner. Or bartenders who don't drink. I like this table, and its natural surroundings. Seems like a nice place to write.

August 13, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterclaudine

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