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Woodwork in the First Quarter of 2011 

Here are some of the fruits of my work during the First Quarter of 2011. 

Soft Maple Table


A client who likes to throw great dinner parties asked for a large table to accomodate such parties.  This table is made out of maple and is 1.5" thick, 9' long and 3.5' wide.  It seats comfortably twelve.  It was not, however, comfortable moving it into her apartment.  My roommate and good friend, bless him, pushed himself to the edge of what his 140 lbs body could handle in helping me move the table top up two flights of steps.  It weighed more than him.   

The finish is a modified tung oil that makes the finish look natural but protects it more than tung oil alone.

Red Oak Bar 


A client asked for a bar for his large loft apartment.  The sides of the bar are board and batten and the top of the bar is 1.25" thick red oak.  The bar is about 7' x 6' and was assembled and finished on-site.  The hanging shelf unit is also made of red oak.  The celebratory drink was very convenient.

 Heart Pine Table


I just completed and delivered this table this week.  The wood was sourced from a building in NYC that was a landmark building damaged during the construction of an adjacent building.  This is made from 5.5" beams from that building, and the lumber yard that supplied the wood said it was some of the densist and most resiny heart pine they'd seen.  I turned the English Tavern-Style legs on a lathe at my woodshop.  This was finished with a durable but handsome hard oil and wax that is safe for use on children's toys.  

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