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Reclaimed Redwood Table and Cupboard


The young couple who purchased this table came to me with a very New York City situation.  They had just moved into a beautiful one-bedroom apartment, and they were looking for a way to make the kitchen/livingroom feel a bit more like two rooms without sacrificing too much of the valuable space.  The female in the couple is also a very good cook, and she was looking for a bit more storage for her kitchen.  The male in the relationship is a writer, often works from home and was in need of a nice table for these long hours infront of a computer.  We worked together and came up with the design for this table and cupboard combo.  The table provides a place for both of them to work.  It's narrow design breaks up the room, offers a desklike environment for him and great counterspace for her to create and then serve wonderful meals.  The breadboard endings on the table provide visual reprieve for the table and cupboard's 9' length.   

The wood for these pieces is also very special.  This wood is was salvaged from an old pickle barrel that was 10' tall and 16' in diameter while it was being used, beginning in the 1940s.  Working with this wood was a real pleasure, and its salt deposits glittered while I was working on the wood.  Here is how the wood appeared when it came to me.

You can see the salt deposits on the side that was once the inside of the salt barrels.  I left a bit of the salt deposits on the side of the cupboard.  

The colors are brilliant in this wood and I'm looking forward to the next pieces made of this wood.  

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